QUESTION: “What is HSA”?

ANSWER:  For most Home Owner’s the process to prepare your home to sell can be stressful, time consuming and often very costly.  We are a highly experienced and Licensed team of Listing Preparation Specialists who will assist you in every facet of preparing your home to sell for Top Dollar!  From Handyman Services, Technical Repairs, Renovations, Painting,  Home Detailing, Landscaping, Carpet Sales/Installations and much more!

QUESTION: Why is it called “Home Staging” Assist”?

ANSWER:  We believe that “Staging” a home to sell is so much more than just added décor or furniture.  “Home Staging” is the entire process of fixing, prepping, staging or organizing to appeal to the widest range of potential buyers.  No amount of staging furniture or home décor will distract buyers if there are broken fixtures, peeling paint, neglected landscape, water damage, stained carpets, dirty bathrooms or an outdated kitchen or bathroom.  Everything Potential Buyers see on tours is part of the “Staging” of your home!

QUESTION: “How do you know what to do”?

ANSWER:  We have years of experience in not only flipping and Home Renovations but also in Real Estate Sales.  We know what Buyers are looking for when they are shopping for a new home and we also know what they will be concerned about when considering to make an offer on your home.

QUESTION: “Can you give me a quote over the phone”?

ANSWER:  Unfortunately, no.  In order to give you a comprehensive and custom Listing Preparation Proposal we will schedule a time to meet you or your Real Estate Professional at the home.  We will perform a thorough walk through and identify the areas in the home that need to be improved, updated or highlighted in order to get top dollar for your Home.  Every client receives an in-depth, detailed custom written proposal and estimate.  We strive to be as detailed as possible so you know what to expect and the estimated cost of your project.

QUESTION: “Why should I “Prep” my home before selling”?

 ANSWER:  Every Home Seller wants to sell Quickly and for TOP DOLLAR!  Well prepared Homes will allow Buyers to envision themselves living in your home resulting in Higher and Faster Offers!  In addition to attracting higher and faster offers, a well prepared home will also minimize areas of concern during the home inspection and appraisal!